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IoT cloud platform with EnMasse and Apache Spark using Red Hat OpenShift

The server uses a computer with OpenShift to deploy  EnMasse  and Apache Spark . The sources of the project are available on GitHub: OpenShift OpenShift is a computer software product from Red Hat for container-based software deployment and management. It is a supported distribution of Kubernetes using Docker containers and DevOps tools for accelerated application development. OpenShift may be executed locally by running a single-node OpenShift cluster inside a VM using minishift  but it requires a hypervisor to start the virtual machine on which the OpenShift cluster is provisioned. The full installation documentation may be found here: . You need at least 6GB of RAM for your minishift instance since we're running both EnMasse and Spark on a local OpenShift cluster. minishift start --cpus 2 --memory 6144 Once t